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Salvioni is Rispal official dealer

The story of Rispal began in 1924, the year of its foundation by an entrepreneur who established its headquarters near the capital until 1982, when the business ceased. Following the closure, the old company structures were razed to the ground to make room for a real real estate renovation in which every document regarding Rispal production and design was destroyed or lost. Before that date, Rispal had distinguished itself in the creation of avant-garde luminous furnishings, capable of taking up the most classic tradition of design and transforming it into something new and unexpected. The “Formes Nouvelle” collection is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition as well as by the taste of the artist Jean Arp.

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Versions Rispal L'Opulus Table Lamp

Rispal L'Opulus Table Lamp Rispal L'Opulus Table Lamp  

Versions Rispal La Mante Religieuse Floor Lamp

Rispal La Mante Religieuse Floor Lamp Rispal La Mante Religieuse Floor Lamp  

Versions Rispal La Torche Wall Light

Rispal La Torche Wall Light Rispal La Torche Wall Light  

Versions Rispal Le Phasme Table Lamp

Rispal Le Phasme Table Lamp Rispal Le Phasme Table Lamp  

Rispal lighting

The Formes Nouvelles collection is not only a source of inspiration for all fans of the genre, but over time it has allowed numerous international artists to experiment and give vent to their creativity in the field of lighting, giving life to combinations of unique shapes, intended to last over time. Among the numerous works, one of the most representative is undoubtedly the “Prayin Mantis”, a lamp that seems to take its cue from the praying mantis to give life to slender and intuitive forms, directly taken from the animal world.

Rispal design

After years of inactivity, Rispal has been brought back to life by the ambition of a lighting designer, Douglas Mont who, confidant of the value of this company, has decided to resurrect the iconic pieces created by it despite the absence of the original projects , as well as a historical memory to rely on. The great challenge consists not only in knowing how to recreate the model, but also in recalling the technique used so as to recreate the exact reproduction of the iconic elements of the past. Numerous experiments and an incredible willpower have allowed Rispal to be reborn even stronger and more competitive than before, still becoming today the beacon of a unique design of its kind.

Rispal official dealer

The collaboration between Rispal and Salvioni Design Solutions is focused on expanding the area of diffusion of the products of this noble born company, characterized by masterful craftsmanship awareness and a tireless creative force. The icons that made it famous in the world of lighting are still the cornerstones of its know-how today, as well as the solid foundation on which its planning is based.