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Roberto Molteni

Salvioni is Roberto Molteni official dealer

Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration is a company specialized in the soft decoration, the art of furnish a home thanks to the combination of fabrics, colors and nuances in order to give each environment a unique and personal touch. Since its foundation, Roberto Molteni has specialized its expertise in textile projects, perfectly studied to recreate combinations of colors and materials mixed in a unique taste and style. Together, they are able to transform a beautiful house into a welcoming and completely dedicated house, perfect to fulfill the taste of those who will live there.

Roberto Molteni textile furnishings

Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration was founded in the ‘90s by the intuition of its namesake founder, Roberto Molteni, and his personal ability to furnish “with the perfect style” each environment of the house. The subsequent collaborations with many companies, architects and designers in the field of furniture have increased over the years the skills of the company, which today collaborates in many furnishing projects all over the world.

Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration deals mainly with fabrics, curtains, bed linen, bathrooms, tables, accessories such as decorative pillows and plaid, as well as walls and paper wall coverings. Used organically and combined according to the needs and taste of the customers, these elements fall within the soft decoration world.

Roberto Molteni soft decoration

The collaboration with renowned architects and designers, and the high-level proposal, complete with all the best furniture fabrics brands, have made Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration an avant-garde company. Roberto Molteni has been a partner of Salvioni Design Solutions for over 20 years, offering its qualified contribution to the interior decoration of completed and coordinated furnishing projects.

Roberto Molteni and Salvioni

The Milano Durini showroom hosts a “Shop in Shop” completely dedicated to fabrics and proposals of Roberto Molteni Interior Decoration. Here, the two companies join forces in the management of integrated projects accompanying the customer in the choice of numerous furnishing proposals as well as in the combination of fabrics and shades of color that will give life to the finished project.