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Salvioni is Rosenthal official dealer

For over one hundred years one of the most important brands in the world in the porcelain field, the German Rosenthal has been one of the first companies to introduce design with conviction in the field of tableware porcelain. The collaboration with Rosenthal and a select group of internationally renowned designers dates back to the 1960s, with the famous Studio-Line collection which is still one of the brand’s bestsellers and brings together the contributions of real “sacred monsters” of design such as Walter Gropius and Timo Sarpaneva. They are accompanied by a rich offer for the art de la table sector, which is also available in more traditional forms such as the famous Sanssouci collection or in a luxurious and baroque style as in the Rosenthal meets Versace line, created in collaboration with the famous designer.

Rosenthal vases

However, Rosenthal does not limit himself to setting up the table: alongside the plates, glasses, dishes, cups and tea sets, the brand also offers an interpretation of it for various other rooms in the house. Particularly famous is the Rosenthal vase catalog, often with a bold and experimental design, such as the Fast vase by Cédric Ragot or the striking Vase of Phases collection by Dror Benshetrits.

Rosenthal’s story begins in Bavaria in 1879, by Philipp Rosenthal. However, the real turning point came after the Second World War under the management of his son, the almost homonymous Philip Rosenthal: an eclectic and nonconformist character, he had fought the Nazi regime and would have cultivated an interest in politics throughout his life, coming to play important roles for the German Socialist Party. His presidency revolutionized the company, opening it to the contributions of important designers and starting a whirlwind of collaborations.

Among the other brands acquired by Rosenthal in the course of its history are the Thomas porcelain, in bright colors and dedicated to a young audience, and the historic Bavarian brand Hutschenreuther, with a very traditional design. After being bought in 1997 by Wedgwood, a historic British porcelain company, Rosenthal then joined the Sambonet group in 2009, which took care of the final relaunch.

Rosenthal design

Thanks to the foresight of Philip Rosenthal, one of the great Rosenthal porcelain companies is certainly the one that can boast a closer relationship with the world of design. Over the years, great designers have collaborated with the brand such as Raymond Loewy, Walter Gropius, Tapio Wirkkala, Bjørn Wiinblad, Luigi Colani, Timo Sarpaneva, Mario Bellini or, in more recent years, Jasper Morrison and Patricia Urquiola.

Rosenthal official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Rosenthal official dealer. The Salvioni group has several showrooms located among Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and offers its customers a varied and high quality offer for everything related to the home and interior design: not only furniture, therefore, but a design care that it goes as far as dealing with objects and accessories.