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Salvioni is Sambonet official dealer

Sambonet’s is a historic name in the field of Made in Italy luxury: it is in fact the most important brand in the cutlery and tableware sector. The Sambonet cutlery  in silver  and steel  were a dream and a status symbol for generations and generations of Italians, fascinated by their precious style that did not however neglect the suggestions of design. The Sambonet catalog is also completed with everything related to the table and the kitchen: pots and pans, trays, cakestand, cups and much more.

Sambonet cutlery

The history of Sambonet started in 1856 in Vercelli with the foundation by Giuseppe Sambonet, coming from a historic family of goldsmiths and silversmiths in the city. The company soon saw its prestige grow, becoming the supplier of the Royal House and numerous noble families in the early 1900s. In the 1930s Sambonet built a large plant capable of applying galvanic silver plating, moving to wider production on an industrial scale.

Then followed a wider production of stainless steel items and an opening to large hotel supplies, inaugurated in the 1950s with the Hilton Hotel in Cairo. In 1997 the company was bought by the Milanese group Paderno, led by Pierluigi and Franco Coppo, who will be enriched in the following years by other historical brands such as the German Rosenthal and Arzberg or the French Raynaud and Ercuis.

Sambonet design

A strong imprint on the company’s style comes from the work of Roberto Sambonet, grandson of the founder and famous designer, great friend of Alvar Aalto. The elegant Pesciera is very well-known, Compasso d’Oro in 1970. The coveted award was also won by the company in 1994 for the Hannah cutlery set, designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri. The names of Gio Ponti, with his Conca cutlery, and of Rodolfo Dordoni, with the S-Pot series of pots, also embellish the Sambonet catalog.

Sambonet official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is  Sambonet official dealer. In his showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, Salvioni, starting from the world of furniture, takes care of the project in all its forms and offers customers all the most prestigious brands of Italian and international design. The Salvioni interior designers therefore deal with the realization of the environments down to their smallest details, including the styling of the table.