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Tacchini Italia

Salvioni is Tacchini Italia official dealer

The Tacchini company was founded in 1967 in Seveso. A soul mainly oriented towards contract marks the first years of its work, later increasingly aimed at enhancing quality, style, taste, but above all the use of materials that are able to express the Made in Italy craftsmanship quality. Today Tacchini Italia presents itself as a trendy brand, attentive to contemporary influences and capable of giving life to iconic models that perfectly match the needs of our time. Upholstery and seats act as cornerstones of the Tacchini Italia catalog, also strong in re-editions by great masters of the past and proposals by emerging designers.

Tacchini Italia furniture

The Tacchini Italia catalog ranges in the different sizes of home furnishing, giving the possibility to choose between Domestic, Contract and Classics collections to which is added a more than relevant division of accessories. The world of the home is expressed in various proposals for sofas, armchairs, poufs, chaise longues, coffee tables, tables, chairs and stools of great value. Here we mention the Costela and Reversivel armchairs by Martin Eisler, the Julep sofa by Jonas Wagell and the Sesann by Gianfranco Frattini. Impossible not to include the Pigreco chairs by Tobia Scarpa and the Babela chairs by Achille + Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

Tacchini Italia designers

The Tacchini Italia catalog blends proposals from great masters of the past with novelties from emerging and trendy designers, capable of better representing the modern taste of domestic spaces. Among the big names there are Studiopepe, the Swedish trio Claesson Koivisto and the PearsonLloyd studio. Also noteworthy is the contribution of young names such as Giorgio Bonaguro, to which is added the work of Gastone Rinaldi and Carlo de Carli.

Tacchini Italia official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions collaborates with Tacchini Italia in proposing modern furnishings with a particularly luxurious style. The trendy shapes of this brand create pleasant environments, perfect for young tastes and customers eager to experiment re-editions of an illustrious past to which a personal and modern vision of living is added.