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Salvioni è rivenditore autorizzato Trep+

The Tre-P company was born in Brianza from a carpentry tradition that since the end of the 19th century has been able to maintain its values of quality and innovation high. The three Ps of the name emphasize the absolute protagonists of the production: doors, partitions and panels. From the 90s Tre-P became Tre più, a natural evolution of the brand but also its legitimate successor aimed at reviving its history, tradition and decades of know-how. Today the brand is called Trep +. The + suggests that there is more, something beyond which to aspire and towards which strive to bring forward not only the best of the design quality, but also the compositional quality of Tre P, giving life to unique works destined to last over time.

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Versions TREP+ Idea Door

TREP+ Idea Door TREP+ Idea Door Daniel Libeskind 

Versions TREP+ Pavilion Libro Sliding Door

TREP+ Pavilion Libro Sliding Door TREP+ Pavilion Libro Sliding Door Antonio Citterio 
TREP+ Planus Door TREP+ Planus Door Antonio Citterio 

Versions TREP+ Rever Door

TREP+ Rever Door TREP+ Rever Door Cini Boeri 

Versions TREP+ Rever S.I.M. Sliding Door

TREP+ Rever S.I.M. Sliding Door TREP+ Rever S.I.M. Sliding Door Cini Boeri 

Trep+ doors

Trep + offers doors for every room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom, bathrooms, kitchens and more, offering its customers an almost infinite choice. The catalog ranges from hinged doors to sliding doors, sliding inside wall and sliding outside wall, book and pivot doors. Each possibility adapts to specific needs and tastes, giving way to create tailor-made solutions. There are also numerous proposals for partitions, with hinged, sliding, book and boiserie systems created with different materials.

Trep+ design

There are numerous contributions that have led Trep+ to stand out in the panorama of high-end design door manufacturers. Relevant is the contribution of prestigious international designers such as Cini Boeri, Antonio Citterio, Daniel Libeskind and F.A Porsche, skilled hands that have been able to collect and carry on the corporate identity while offering a further glimpse of personality and innovation.

Trep+ official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official dealer of the Trep+ brand with which collaborates to offer its customers an assortment of doors and partitions suitable for any context. The quality of the brand allows to offer unique furniture solutions, at competitive prices and perfect for those who want to create a truly personal space, where everything expresses taste and class.