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Venini is probably the most famous Murano glassmaker of the world: a result reached not even in a century of life, thanks to the idea of introducing in the blown glass world the  collaborations with the artistic avant-garde and the design. It was a real revolution: in contrast with the stylistic exuberance that was characterizing the classic Venetian production, Venini’s creations had presented themselves with sober and rigorous lines, lending them also to the development of new and surprising manufacturing techniques. Venini’s vases  are nowadays style icons, precious such as jewels, handed down from generation to generation, in a range of prices that makes them accessible to everybody. The Venini lamps and chandeliers, true architectures of light with a strong authorial signature, are really appreciated.

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Versions Venini 99.80 Pendant Light

Venini 99.80 Pendant Light

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€ 11.380,00

Venini 99.80 Pendant Light Venini 99.80 Pendant Light Gio Ponti 

Price starting from
€ 11.380,00

Venini vases

Venini played a trait d’union role between the blown glass world and the design one, thanks to his peculiar history too: the company was in fact founded in the 1920s by a Milanese lawyer, Paolo Venini, who has first managed  with the business partner Giacomo Cappellini and then in total autonomy. The first two artistic directors had an artistic education: the painter Vittorio Zecchin and the sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi.

Many of the big classics designed in this period are still among the icons of the company, such as the refined vase Veronese of Vittorio Zecchin and the coloured vase Opalino. Other timeless Venini vases are the unmistakable vase Fazzoletto, designed by Fulvio Bianconi in the second postwar, and the vase Balloton, with the characteristic manufacturing technique. Dated in the ’30s the collaboration with Carlo Scarpa, author between the other things of the well-known series of Murrine.

Other fruitful relationship was the Gio Ponti’s one, who drew the well-known chandelier 99.80. The interest for the design wasn’t abandoned either after the death of Paolo Venini and the passage of the company to the son-in-law Ludovico Diaz de Santillana: in the following years the series of vases Bolle of Tapio Wirkkala was created. In the ’80s Venini was taken over by the families Gardini and Ferruzzi, while today the company is guided by the famous jewellers family Damiani.

Venini Design

Venice and Milan, art and design: Venini was always considered as a bridge between this two world, entrusting its projects to a few of the most famous designer of every epoch. Beyond the historical collaborations with Carlo Scarpa and Gio Ponti, have to be remembered the most recent with Gae Aulenti, author of the vase Geacolor, with Ettore Sottsass and his vases Oman and Yemen, but even names such as Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Rodolfo Dordoni, Timo Sarpaneva, Peter Marino, Tadao Ando and Ron Arad.

Venini official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is  Venini official dealer. An exclusive Venini vases selection decorates  the rooms of the Salvioni Milano Durini concept store, headquarters of a group which counts showrooms in Lugano and Inverigo too. Salvioni’s interior designers are able to take advantage of the wideness of Venini’s catalogue to create ambient cured in the minimum details, decorated by the exquisite brand vases and illuminated by its spectacular chandeliers.