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Salvioni is official dealer of Visionnaire

A leading brand in the luxury furniture sector, Visionnaire is characterized by an all-round vision of luxury design, in which every single piece of furnishings is harmoniously coordinated in a “total look” proposal. Visionnaire furniture live in a cosmopolitan and refined style, perfect for demanding customers who, alongside high-level design, demand elegance. The Visionnaire catalog has over two thousand products for a total satisfaction of all the main needs of contemporary living: from the living room to the sleeping area, from the dining room to the executive office, all made with precious materials and a unique attention to details.

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Versions Visionnaire Amos Table

Visionnaire Amos Table Visionnaire Amos Table Draga & Aurel 

Versions Visionnaire Jet Plane Desk

Visionnaire Jet Plane Desk Visionnaire Jet Plane Desk Steve Leung 

Versions Visionnaire Lego Console

Visionnaire Lego Console Visionnaire Lego Console Draga & Aurel 

Versions Visionnaire Leonardo Sideboard

Visionnaire Leonardo Sideboard Visionnaire Leonardo Sideboard Alessandro La Spada 

Versions Visionnaire Marty Console

Visionnaire Marty Console Visionnaire Marty Console Marco Piva 

Versions Visionnaire Nanook Office Chair

Visionnaire Nanook Office Chair Visionnaire Nanook Office Chair Steve Leung 

Versions Visionnaire Pavone Armchair

Visionnaire Pavone Armchair Visionnaire Pavone Armchair Marc Ange 

Versions Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table

Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table m2atelier 

Visionnaire furniture

Visionnaire can count on the experience and know-how deriving from a long tradition: the brand is in fact the emanation of the historic IPE, founded in the surroundings of Bologna by the Cavalli family in the late ‘50s. IPE was among the first companies in Italy to use polyurethane in the field of furniture, experimenting the use of this material in the padding of beds and sofas, as well as for car seats.

The Visionnaire brand was founded in 2005 by the third generation of the Cavalli family, the Leopold and Eleonore brothers, who with their father Luigi decided to focus not only on the product but also on creating a real lifestyle. The new brand immediately met the favor of the markets and begun an unstoppable international expansion, which allowed the Visionnaire stores to arrive in over 55 countries, with monobrand in cities such as Miami, Singapore, Moscow, Beijing and Dubai.

Visionnaire design

The peculiar mix of luxury and design that constitutes the foundational element of the inimitable Visionnaire style can count on the collaboration of eclectic and qualified designers, with big names such as Roberto Lazzeroni, Alessandro La Spada, Marco Piva, Steve Leung, Studio Memo di Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi, Giuseppe Viganò and Armando Bruno.

Visionnaire official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Visionnaire dealer. With offices in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group proposes itself as a reference point for Italian and international design, offering complete interior design projects with attention to every detail.