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Salvioni is Zanaboni official dealer

Zanaboni was born in Meda in 1967 as a company dedicated to the re-edition of classic and contemporary living rooms with an exquisitely neoclassical flavour. Designed in an international perspective in order to satisfy the tastes of a highly differentiated clientele, Zanaboni stands out for the unique and exclusive style of its models, where the excellence of a work inspired by the Brianza craftmanship is now combined with innovative production technologies, aimed at achieving quality and accuracy once unthinkable.

Zanaboni furniture

Born from the desire to make high-end furniture, Zanaboni offers a unique furniture catalog. Memory plays a fundamental role here, reviving pieces of a centuries-old tradition where shapes and decorations have a decisive function for the success of each model. Examples are the Borromeo sofa and the Napoleone armchair, where elegance and taste are superbly intertwined creating highly suggestive shapes.

The upholstered furniture, famous for their extraordinary construction quality, come to life from the frame still made of solid wood and subsequently completed by adopting the ancient technique of tying the springs; for the most exclusive models, is still in use the horsehair. Here we mention the Hermes bed and the PA185 bench, distinctive for the rich and sumptuous taste of the frame and padding. Ancient and laborious manufacturing techniques, such as the capitonné one, still constitute one of the productive cornerstones to which excellent mastery are added.

Starting from solid wood, Zanaboni’s master cabinetmakers carve the structure subsequently decorated with paintings, which is then joined by plaster relief work. Of particular relevance is the exclusive mother-of-pearl inlay of the W017 dresser model, a unique and extraordinary piece.

Zanaboni design

Within Zanaboni production we can enumerate three particular artistic currents: Classic, Contemporary and Modern Borbonese. Born from the 2000s thanks to the success of the Atlantique collection, if in the first the company aims to pay homage to the original artistic current of the early nineteenth century, where carvers and upholsterers began to produce luxury furniture for French nobles, in the other two it is clear the experimentation of a more contemporary taster, far from elitist minimalism yet turned towards an intimate and timeless elegance.

Zanaboni’s strength now lies in the versatility of the offer, capable of ranging from living rooms to dining rooms and bedrooms; tables, beds, armchairs, benches, bedside tables, ottomans and a wide range of individual products are united here by the uniqueness of the compositional project that defines its style and purpose of use. A personality capable of giving life to the “Zanaboni house”, unique and complete in each detail.

Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Zanaboni dealer. The proposal of this brand is included to complete the offer of the showrooms of Inverigo, Milan and Lugano, reaching the taste of those who wish for their home a never banal contemporaneity, in which free and soft shapes are flanked by large geometric structures.