A chair is a Chair is a Chair | Antonio Marras + Saba x Salvioni
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A chair is a chair is a chair – The Antonio Marras installation in collaboration with Saba Italia

From February 14th , the showroom of Salvioni Milano Durini takes a new shape thanks to the installation “A chair is a chair is a chair”, an original story by Antonio Marras designed for Salvioni in collaboration with Saba.

Salvioni Design Solutions, a company of the retail sector that represents more than 100 design brands, together with Saba, a Venetian firm that since 2018 has established a good creative synergy with the  Sardinian stylist and artist Antonio Marras, with this project they invite to conceive a space where people could interact with furniture objects in a unique way.

The initiative is part of a wider path that Salvioni Design Solutions has decided to undertake since its first opening, with the desire to bind to different talents and companies in the sector, but not only, to promote special moments with quality proposals, including exhibitions and dedicated set-ups within its spaces.

During “A chair is a chair is a chair” the “faces” of the Sardinian artist accompany visitors to discover some “stages” of an imaginary itinerary which is a symbol of symbiosis among company, artist and space, but also of lightness and colour poetry, distinctive traits of both the designer and Saba, married by Salvioni through this project.

The non-border, characteristic of the contemporary world, the non-finished that leaves freedom of transformation and all this can be summarized in the word dream.

The “faces” of Marras, real icons, express the relationship among the shop, the physical space where people live a real shopping experience, the company that offers freedom to customize the object and the artist who emphasizes, with its poetic figure, the product.

The title of the project explicitly mentions the verse “Rose is a rose is a rose”, a phrase that for many is only the banal observation of what is an element as such. A verse that for connoisseurs of beautiful things represents the essence of Gertrude Stein, the writer who coined it in 1913 in her poem Sacred Emily.

The installation, which will be open until early March, from the window continues into the showroom. Antonio Marras’ paintings and ceramics will be available at the Rossella Colombari Gallery at the end of the exhibition.

Thanks to GT Design and Catellani&Smith for the precious suspension lamps and the rugs kindly granted to enrich and give a touch of atmosphere to the rooms.