The new Salvioni Lugano via Pelli window for Baxter Made in Italy
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The new Salvioni Lugano via Pelli window for Baxter Made in Italy

Salvioni Lugano via Pelli renews its exhibition spaces with the installation of a new showcase entirely dedicated to the Baxter Made in Italy brand.

Here the customer can see an elegant living room with pastel shades, furnished with the characteristic class of the brand combined with the attention to detail that has always determined Salvioni’s style all over the world.

Among the proposals, the iconic Chester Moon sofa in kashmir leather stands out, whose capitonné finish perfectly matches the Marilyn armchair in Nuage shades. Sober and elegant, the trio of Icaro, Liquid and Loren coffee tables fits into this retro frame, enriching its compositional strength, in turn enhanced by the Anais poufs and the Nepal armchair.

The picture is completed by the Tetris tables with blue glass-fusion top and the large and essential Marlene mirror, in whose reflection the suggestive Q2 chandelier stands out.

In a complex alchemical game of shades, materials and geometric shapes, it is impossible not to notice the formal balance of the environment where, as a final touch, Simon’s Traccia coffee table and Tom Dixon’s Beat Floor Lamp have also been included.