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Frog small armchair

Living Divani
Piero Lissoni,

Frog small armchair

The Frog small armchair is the result of a design challenge: a challenge to conventional proportions, a challenge to ergonomics and traditional design rules. Its shapes are simple and essential, almost minimalist, but they foresee a slight slip compared to what are considered the classic measures of a seat. Apparently too low and too wide, this is precisely why it is a unique and highly iconic product.

This kind of product can only come from a strong bond between designer and company that goes beyond the usual professional relationships, such as that between Piero Lissoni and Living Divani, of which Frog has in some way become a symbol since the moment of his first production, which took place in 1995.

With its shape reminiscent of a frog ready to jump, Frog is surprisingly comfortable, inviting those who sit in it to total relax. Frog’s project is also a modernization of the classic Scandinavian seats with visible tubular metal structure and weaving, which is made of leather or rope.

Its airy lightness evokes summer atmospheres, and for this reason an outdoor version with PVC weave has also been created, ideal for being positioned by the pool. There is also the Frog Lounge variant, with an elongated seat in the chaise longue version, available for both indoor and outdoor, and the elegant Carbon Frog version, which combines a carbon fibre structure with a polyester weave.


A challenge to conventions for an unforgettable design