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Soft Big Easy Armchair

Ron Arad,

Soft Big Easy Armchair

The Soft Big Easy armchair by Moros is one of the best know creations of the famous Anglo-Israeli designer Ron Arad, for many years he was the Director of the product design department at the Royal College of Art in London. Its sculptural and superabundant shapes make up the iconic and immediately recognizable silhouette, a warm invitation to relaxation.

It has a long and complex production history: it was born from the experiments made by Arad with steel sheet that had given Arad the celebrity with his famous Well Tempered Chair produced by Vitra. Big Easy, created in 1998, has the same logic: through ergonomic, wide and sinuous shapes, the metal simulated a soft softness who becomes the unique component of the armchair.

It was initially conceived as a limited series. almost a sculpture, part of the series of multiples of art called Volume 1 and Volume 2 . Moroso helps Ron Arad to bring the armchair from the galleries of the royal houses, adapting those limited editions to a new material. Thus was born in 1991 the Spring collection, of which the Soft Big Easy is the symbol, no longer made of sheet metal but in comfortable foamed polyurethane.

The illusion of softness becomes real softness, the piece comes alive, but without losing its strong sculptural value. “Big Easy” becomes “Soft Big Easy”, making part of the iconic armchairs in polyurethane that made the history of the design, such as the Up by Gaetano Pesce. It is realized also a version in plastic material, called The Big Easy, realized in polyethylene stained and used also for the outdoor.

In addition to the Soft Big Easy, Moroso’s Spring Collection also includes an enlarged version to form a two-seater sofa, the Double Soft Big Easy sofa, and the small Soft Little Easy children’s chair. In addition to them, the armchairs Size Ten and Soft Big Heavy (or Soft Little Easy, in the miniature version), and the Soft Heart seat, with a characteristic heart shape, were also taken from the experiments in sheet metal.


Now, something that might suggest or hint at a function cannot be part of the art world. It's a very old-fashioned, conservative idea and I hope it will disappear

Ron Arad