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Masters Chair

Philippe Starck,

Masters chair

The Mastsers chair by Kartell is contemporaneously a tribute to the great masters of the past and and witty combinatorial post- modern game. Philippe Starck, who designed it in 2010 in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet, has in fact created its back by composing together the silhouettes of three big masterpieces from the 1950s.

The lines of the back of the Eames Plastic Chair by Charles Eames, the voluminous shoulders of the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 and the armrests of the Tulip armchair by Eero Saarinen can in fact be found in the whirling set of full and empty spaces that make up the chair. The hybrid, however, has its own autonomous personality, with a shape that has itself become iconic and highly imitated.

The refined reference, however, does not detract from the practicality of the chair: from the comfortable and spacious seat, to the four thin legs that leave ample space to that of the person sitting on it, Masters is conceived in the sign of maximum ergonomics. It is also light and easy to stack.

Masters is made of modified polypropylene, a plastic material also suitable for outdoor use. Polypropylene is treated with a soft touch effect and it is available in different colors. It can also undergo a metallization treatment, which gives the chair a more precious look and enriches it with sparkling reflections. In the Masters Stool variant, the seat rises to take the shape of a kitchen stool.


A tribute to the great masters of the past and a witty post-modern combinatorial game