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Pratone Chair

Gruppo Strum,

Pratone chair

Ironic and anti conventional, the Pratone Chair by Gufram is one of the symbols of the anti-design movement that revolutionized the concept of furniture in the 70s. The large blades in polyurethane that compose it invite you to immerse inside and sit in free and decomposed way, following with their fluid movement the search for the most comfortable position.

Pratone was designed by the Strum Group, a trio of young Turin architects formed in 1963. Made up of Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso, the Strum Group stood in open opposition to the established stylistic elements of bourgeois design, ironically desecrating the conventions, in a expressive path directly connected to the ferment of youth contest in vogue in those years.

Another clear aesthetic reference for the forms of Pratone is the Pop Art current, with its taste for simple and iconic images, full of irony. The project was presented and awarded in the “Sintesis Idee 70” competition and put into production by Gufram in 1971 in a version made up of 42 polyurethane grass blades grafted by hand on a large square base, made of the same material. Everything is colored with paint lvabile Guflac in green color, exclusive patent of Gufram.

Much loved by children of all ages for its playful concept, Pratone invites to new seating models and it can ideally be  placed side by side in various samples to form a gigant domestic lawn. In 2016 Gufram put into production a special edition, called Nordic Pratone and defined “ the first and the last Scandinavian design of Gufram production“.


A large clod of lawn on which to lie down to rest

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