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Bean desk

Ceccotti Collezioni
Roberto Lazzeroni,

Bean Desk

The Bean desk by Ceccotti Collezioni is one of the best examples of the high artistic cabinet-making activity which characterizes the Tuscany brand. Designed for Ceccotti by Roberto Lazzeroni, the Bean desk is as precious and elegant as a sculpture and it is handmade according to an artisanal savoir faire handed down over the centuries.

The solid wood is enhanced by sinuous curves which form its silhouette, modelled in a shape that recalls the one of a bean. At the same time retro and modern, the Bean desk by Ceccotti recalls the elegant refined of the eighteenth-century French desks, while at the same time being fresh and modern. The veins of the wood dance along the entire surface of the desk, almost taking on the value of decorations.

The legs, thin and slightly curved, support a structure composed of eight rounded drawers that leave space in the center for a large recess for the legs and the chair. The top is equipped with a leather desk pad, which can be opened to reveal a storage compartment. Two brass pen holders also have the function of precious decorative details.

The Bean desk is also available in a slightly larger version, called Big Bean. Bean is made of solid American walnut, which can be kept natural or painted to achieve lighter or darker shades.


Synthesis and elegance for an impressive furniture