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Atollo Lamp

Vico Magistretti,

Atollo Lamp

According to many design experts, Atoll by Oluce is the most beautiful lamp ever designed. Its creator Vico Magistretti has managed to create a perfect shape, played on simple Euclidean elements, embedded in an impeccable harmony of proportions. Atollo is based on abstract geometries, taking up the elements of a classic table lamp reducing them to the minimum terms, almost as if it were the simple shade of an abat-jour.

The cylindrical base fades seamlessly into a conical element, which is hooked with a very thin structure to the hemispherical upper cap. The Atollo lamp is also special for the tricks of the light that is able to create: the light source, hidden underneath the cap, is invisible and at the moment of ignition it projects the lighting downwards, refracting on the cylindrical element.

The upper part of the lamp is overshadowed because the light is projected only downwards, but it seems to magically fluctuate: the thin connection with the base is flooded with light and it is no longer visible, producing this peculiar optical effect.

The Atollo lamp is produced by Oluce, one of the most well known Italian lighting companies, of which Magistretti was art director for many years. Designed in 1977, it was awarded in 1979 with the Compasso d’Oro: it was a gold year for Magistretti, also awarded for the sofa Maralunga by Cassina. In addition to the traditional version in metal, painted in refined colors such as black and gold, the Atollo is available in a more ethereal glass version.


Luminous sculpture to which nothing can be removed, nothing can be added. And that it is impossible to imitate

Marco Romanelli