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Shogun Lamp

Mario Botta,

Shogun Lamp

The Shogun lamp was born in 1986 thanks to the Swiss architect and designer Mario Botta. His interest in geometric shapes combined with the belief that lighting must create a certain atmosphere through the wise use of shadows, allowed him to create an object with a unique and dynamic design; light control, search for simplicity and balance of forms make in Shogun a perfect synthesis of aestheticism and planning.

Quoting Mario Botta’s words, “A lamp … is an object that creates light where there isn’t, therefore it must be a visible artifact with a function, an image … that’s why I started designing lamps, which are living beings. Shogun is a person. It has a head, a body, feet and a navel. ”

Both in its table version and floor one, Shogun consists of a painted metal foot on which two adjustable diffusers in perforated steel sheet are articulated. This structure creates protections and light effects that can be adjusted at will. The peculiarity of Shogun consists not only in its function of illuminating, but also of giving life to atmospheres of great suggestion thanks to the play of contrasts created by the “hat” and the structure itself, where the white-black duo measures a dynamic rhythm.

Today Shogun lamp is available in the Artemide’s “Masters’ Pieces “collection, as well as being exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York as an icon of modern design.


A lamp ... is an object that creates light where there isn't

Mario Botta