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Snoopy Lamp

Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni,

Snoopy Lamp

The Snoopy lamp by Flos clearly bears in its name the taste for irony and the quote that characterizes its two designers, the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The shape of this table lamp with direct light is in fact clearly inspired by the namesake beagle with big noise, protagonist of the famous strips of Charles M. Schulz.

The quote, however, far from any figurative affectation, results in a sculptural volume of great elegance, capable of quickly becoming a real design classic, one of those products that still invariably peep into the styling of hundreds and hundreds of photo shoots.

The base of the lamp consists of a cylinder of precious veined white marble, which stands obliquely with respect to the support surface. A thick transparent crystal disk rests on it, which in turn holds the LED light source. This is hidden by a large rounded reflector, made of aluminum with a glossy paint finish in black and green, on the top of which are positioned three cooling holes that resemble the handle of a bowling ball.

Thanks to the oblique inclination of the base, the glass disc has an axis staggered with respect to the surface, making sure that when the light bounces on the inside of the shell, it is projected slightly forward on the work surface. All electrical material is stored inside the base, giving the lamp a clean and dry profile. Even the button for switching on and changing the light has a discreet appearance, taking the shape of a small knob located at the top of the marble base.


Irony must be instilled in both design and objects. Around me, I see the professional disease that consists of taking everything too seriously. One of my secrets is always joking

Achille Castiglioni