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Ptolomeo bookcase

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Bruno Rainaldi,

Ptolomeo Bookcase

Original Ptolomeo is a self-contained, simple, revolutionary and innovative design bookcase. It was born from the ingenious intuition of creating a library that does not need support or scaffolding but gives to the eye the illusion that the books are supporting themselves. The principle of its design is to hide the forms to completely privilege the content, the books. It looks like a simple metal column to which are joined the thin shelves of the same material designed to disappear as the column fills with books.

When it is full, Original Ptolomeo becomes totally imperceptible giving the illusion that the books placed are supporting themselves.

Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, winner of the Compasso d’Oro 2004, Original Ptolomeo is born from the observation rather than a formal process of design and translates as a complement to furnishing an idea as simple as ingenious, turning a stack of books into a design object. A library as “banal” as it is bold, to become a contemporary icon, a harmonious work of art and as a work of art for its own protection, signed on the basis of the signature of the designer.

Slim, slender and essential takes up little space and can be placed in all contexts from the more traditional ones to the more contemporary ones also thanks to its various finishes (black, white, stainless or corten effect) capable of adapting to any type of environment.


The illusion of a pile of books becomes an icon of contemporary design