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Shadowy armchair

Tord Boontje,

Shadowy Armchair

The Shadowy armchair by Moroso was born within the framework of the “M’Afrique” project, created to give space and relevance to the evocative beauties of Africa. In this context, the company has proposed to some designers to channel their creativity in the creation of works that could not only transport the imagination to those distant lands, but at the same time celebrate their colors, scents and cultural expressiveness .

With his impressive Shadowy armchair, Tord Boontje offers a poetic and somewhat eccentric interpretation of Africa, where the ethnic blends with the Baroque, without neglecting a hint of art nouveau. An ironic, subtle and extremely refined touch contributes to evoking an additional reference to the beach chairs of the 1920s in order to shape a unique and difficult to replicate object.

The hugely high backrest, culminating in a curved parasol similar to the tail of an exotic animal, is re-proposed in the side armrests and in the footrest, giving the overall effect the feeling of being in front of a throne, a tropical plant or some eccentric anthropomorphic organism. The ethnic and imaginative prints, designed and then digitized by Tord Boontje himself, are handmade by African master craftsmen in a Senegalese atelier created by Moroso. The countless plastic threads that make up the wefts are meticulously intertwined to give life to the geometric motifs, stretched on a structure in painted steel and intertwined thanks to a technique traditionally used in Africa to make fishing nets.

This considerable craftsmanship ensures that every Shadowy armchair is a unique specimen.


African taste and handmade expertise