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Bell Table

Sebastian Herkner,

Bell Small Table

Designed by Sebastian Herker, the Bell coffee table by ClassiCon overturns the traditional construction scheme of this type of furniture: here the glass, an instinctive but erroneously perceived as fragile material, is used as a base to support a solid metallic volume that seems to float above it. It is available both in the Bell Coffee Table version, lower and wider, and in the Bell Side Table version, more slender and thinner, which reach the maximum scenographic effect when they are paired.

Its strong sculptural presence, with its silhouette reminiscent of the shape of a bell, makes it an object that immediately attracts attention, in any environment it is positioned. The bright colors available for the glass base contribute to this, which contrast finely with the brass metal structure supporting the top. The top is instead in black lacquered crystal or marble.

The Bell coffee table is a celebration of the beauty of the materials and their craftsmanship. The glass base is hand-blown with traditional techniques in a wooden mold, and each piece is slightly different for some small details from the previous one.

The Bell Coffee Table and Bell Side Table are among the most appreciated products of the ClassiCon catalog since their first production in 2012. Starting from 2020 the project has also been developed in a dining table, the Bell Table, which is made with the same artisan techniques taking the material processing skills of ClassiCon glassmakers to the extreme.


A highly elegant process for a timeless design