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Backenzahn Stool

Philipp Mainzer,

Backenzahn Stool

The Backenzahn stool represents the symbol of e15 production, German company who loves to reinterpret traditional furnishings in wood according to thin minimalist shapes. Designed in 1996 by Philipp Mainzer, founder of e15, this stool in massive wood best embodies a similar philosophy: its lines, that vaguely remind the form of a tooth (in German Backenzahn means “molar”) are rigorously essential and geometric.

The simplicity of the shape, however, maximizes the features of the material: the wood, almost a painting, is as decorated by all its veins and shading, as well as by the small cracks formed during the seasoning process. Each stool thus becomes a unique piece, slightly different from the previous ones, following the unlimited fantasy of the nature.

Backenzahn is also a highly ecological product: it comes from the set of four solid legs obtained from duramen, the central part of the tree, that is usually rejected in the processing of the other furniture. He wood undergoes only a light process of oil painting or waxing as protection, maintaining untouched a strongly natural aspect. The stool thus remains a pleasure for all the senses, pleasant to the touch and perfumed to the sense of smell.

The slightly concave seat of the stool guarantees more comfort. In the Backenzahn Side Table version, on the other hand, is adapted to the function of coffee table, with a flat top suitable for supporting objects. In both variants it is available in both oak and walnut.


I think a good design for a piece of furniture or for interiors is just when they don't seem designed at all.

Philipp Mainzer