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Kauri Table

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Kauri Table

Master in the craftsmanship of wood, Riva1920 has been able to make the processing of Kauri one of its cornerstones for the production of luxury tables with a unique and exclusive design.

With an age that averages between 30,000 and 50,000 years, the Kauri Millennial is considered one of the oldest woods in the world. Extracted in an area of ​​New Zealand formerly covered by marshes, it belongs to forests destroyed by natural cataclysms and for years remained buried without the weather and atmospheric agents being able to spoil their original properties. The monumental trees found here, extraordinary for the cubature of the trunk – up to a diameter of 9 meters – are sent all over the world to companies such as Riva1920 who will obtain pieces of extraordinary beauty.

The Kauri wooden tables, among which we mention the Kauri Beam, Kauri Earth Square, Kauri Newton, Kauri Bedrock and Kauri Cube, are unique pieces, born from a single carved table that the customer himself has the opportunity to choose based on the shape, color and shade. Starting from that single piece, Riva1920 craftsmen give shape to the final product, combining the most appropriate base as needed. Ancient, unique and unconventional, each Riva1920 piece is also absolutely “alive”: the wood used never stops responding to the surrounding environment, changing over time both in terms of shades and shape.


A legacy from the past to shape the design of the future.