Gallotti&Radice - The new corner inside the Salvioni Inverigo showroom
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Gallotti&Radice – The new corner inside the Salvioni Inverigo showroom

Salvioni Inverigo renews its exhibition space by dedicating a corner to Gallotti&Radice.

Gallotti&Radice is a leading company in the furniture industry, as well as one of the first to introduce the use of crystal in the creation of design furniture. The mastery in the processing of this complex and multifaceted material has over the years connoted the production, translating into a balance between sophisticated industrial technologies and craftsmanship capable of allowing maximum customization. A highly sought-after and recognizable style as well as a refined ability to renew themselves, are therefore the cornerstones of Gallotti’s production in which the futuristic suggestions of the crystal dialogue with refined retrò forms.

Salvioni welcomes the excellence of this brand including in its exhibition some pieces by Gallotti&Radice such as the armchair 0417, the Athus sideboard, the Audrey sofa, the Bolle 3 halogen table lamp, the Brera and Isola bookcases, the Chanel and Cookies L tables, the Haumea-T table, the Lou Lounge pouf, the Riki trolley and the Thea chair. United in the harmonious dedicated corner, these pieces of furniture best express the organic style of Gallotti & Radice, merging into a unique and unmistakable line.