Polform - A Compasso d'Oro company
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Poliform – A compasso d’Oro Company

The Association of the Industrial Design awarded the Compasso d’Oro career award ADI, the XXV edition to the founders of Poliform Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani.

This award, one of the most distinguished awards that a furnishing reality can receive, is an award to the culture of “know-how”, where to get on the podium is not a single product, but an entire company.

For years a business partner of Salvioni Design Solutions, Poliform is today one of the Italian excellence brands in the field of design furniture. Born in the heart of Brianza, whose values and traditions are still preserved today, this company bases its fortune on the continuous search for quality in every furnishing component, through not only innovative and versatile furniture, but also with a strong contemporary style.