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Gallotti&Radice | A story made by timeless beauty and elegance

The 2021 opens for Gallotti&Radice in the name of a story made of beauty, elegance and the search for intimate and personal furniture. The main protagonist is emotion, sentiment, as well as the desire to bring the domestic sphere closer to the high-end design; two often distant worlds, which the company attempts to combine here with unique and impressive continuity solutions.

We are therefore talking about two stories, Embracing Inspiration and Embracing Beauty, where the common background of the Como lakefront harmonises two suggestions as different as complementary, one made of contrasts between past and present, and the other of an exquisite propensity for the minimal and modern.

In the masterful interweaving created by Gallotti&Radice, the novelties of the catalog are grafted between protagonists and background actors, creating a coordinated whole for each space in the house. From the day area to the night area, without neglecting the more convivial living and dining area, or personal study and relaxation areas: nothing is left to chance.

Rich and seductive, we still find the cornerstone finishes of the company famous for the skilful use of glass, brass, wood, marble and an infinite range of distinctive fabrics. However, there are some innovations, such as the Edena fabric inspired by the noble art of tapestries or the exclusive Cashmere finish obtained from a special crystal processing. Another prestigious new entry is travertine, a sedimentary rock symbol of noble Roman architecture here revisited by Gallotti&Radice in a more modern key. Wood also holds surprises, thanks to artisan techniques inspired by the cabinetmaker tradition such as inlay for material and extremely natural suggestions.

In short, a 2021 that is not afraid to re-evaluate itself by overcoming the boundaries of design to get closer and closer to the taste of contemporary living.