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Studio GamFratesi – The strength of a technical and emotional design

During the last Salone del Mobile, the GamFratesi studio presented numerous design projects with some of the most important names in the industry; among the most famous, Dedon, De Padova, Gebruder Thonet, Louis Poulsen, Poltrona Frau and Minotti. The success and richness of the exhibited works, together with the resonance of already known pieces, have officially consecrated the duo’s entry into the rose of the most influential designers of the moment.

The GamFratesi studio was founded in 2006 by architects Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. The duo, for over twelve years united both in the life of couples and in work, draws its inspiration from the fusion of tradition and innovation, where the experimental approach has always guided the choice of materials and production techniques.

We started by personally building every piece we wanted to make. This made it easier to find errors and design flaws.

Two different stylistic currents, Italian and Danish, as well as the schools of the great masters of the past (such as Arne Jacobsen) represent since the foundation the milestones of their way of doing design, differentiating each creation for the search for clean lines, faithful to minimalism and to the maximum practicality of use by those who will use it.

We don’t do design to express ourselves. We bring our ideas, our background, our culture into the way of life: but in the end we focus on the person who will use our products. And we always try to convey positive feelings to those who will use them.

Under the aegis of this inspiration, the GamFratesi studio has been able to attract the attention of the big furniture design brands of the calibre of Porro, Fontana Arte and Dedon over the years, giving life to fruitful collaborations as well as pieces of incredible artistic value that they range at 360 ° in the world of home furnishings: from lighting to upholstery; from tables to accessories; from accessories to beds. Each object bears the trace of both technical and emotional research, where the added value is represented by the maximum stylistic and functional versatility.

As an example of this, we mention the Soffi lamp by Poltrona Frau, where the purity of light and blown glass stop the object at the exact instant in which the blowing gives shape to the glass. The globes, delicate and irregular, seem to hang literally from the thin leather bracelet, suspended in space due to the force of gravity. The chairs and armchairs by Gubi (Tale, Masculo and Gent) seem instead to be cut from a few essential contour lines that, soft, intersect with each other, creating products of exceptional aesthetic finesse. Among these we remember the iconic Beetle chair, born from the reinterpretation of the shell of a beetle and representation of a sensational minimalism.

The wisdom of GamFratesi consists however not only in knowing how to draw, but also in the ability to create, combining different natures, essences and potentialities of the material. In this sense we mention the Targa armchair by Gebruder Thonet where Vienna straw for the backrest, bent beech for the structure and seat upholstered in fabric or leather provide a perfect blend of comfort and quality. The Porro collections, with its Kite armchair, Traveler sofa and Voyage chairs are further proof of this incredible ability to join, combine and renew.

Attention to tradition, a fundamental particle of the work of Stine and Enrico, can instead be seen in the Baffi broom by Swedese and in the Picnic container by Ligne Roset, where the clear reference to everyday objects – by now outdated by the evolution of society – appear in a completely re-edited and updated version, ready for use by nostalgic customers or eager to have an obsolete object for themselves.

Salvioni Design Solutions exhibits many works of brands that have collaborated and entrusted the creation of their furniture to the GamFratesi duo; always up-to-date with trendy products and the great classics that have made the history of the design world.