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Kristiina Lassus – Creativity and quality for a range of exceptional carpets

Quality, design and strong personality; the carpet collections designed by Kristiina Lassus are inspired by a passion for travel, different cultures and a deep love for natural materials. Strengthened by a solid manufacturing tradition combined with an eye towards the most modern production strategies, these rugs are perfect for furnishing both modern and classic environments in any area of ​​the city and the countryside, capable with their peculiar taste of enhancing any environment and style.

The strength of the products of Kristiina Lassus comes from its creator, interior architect and designer of international renown.

Born in Finland in 1966, Kristiina obtained a degree from the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki (UIAH) which was then followed by a Masters in Design Leadership in 1992. After these two degrees, Kristiina continued her career in the field of architecture and furnishing design up to the entry into the world of work and subsequent relocation to Italy in 1997. Here she had the opportunity to deepen her experience in the sector by working with big names such as Alessi, Poltronova and Zanotta until she founded in 2004 the Kristiina Lassus Studio, specialized in offering advice in art direction and production design.

In 2007 Kristiina registered her own brand for the production of high-end handmade rugs, a production that in the following years brought her a series of prizes and awards such as Red Dot and Green Good.

The materials used for the production of the rugs include a wide selection of wools and fine fabrics including Tibetan wool, natural linen and silk. Wool is carded, spun and dyed by hand in accordance with the tradition inherited from Nepal, so as to give each individual carpet its own specific personality as well as a durability that is difficult to match.