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La DoubleJ – the new original patterns by Kartell

The 2018 is colored with prints, design and vintage rarity thanks to a new project that launches the Kartell brand into a universe completely dedicated to color and innovation: The DoubleJ.

Born from the happy union between the historic furniture manufacturer and the American journalist JJ Martin, La DoubleJ represents a new way of dressing the great icons of furniture, playing on the balance of shapes and colors in a pattern of a thousand and more different declinations.

For the first time, the partnership sees J.J Martin’s trademark engage in the world of interior design thanks to the study of a series of vintage prints to be applied directly to the coating of many Kartell icons. The result is therefore a complete range of paintings and workmanship with a superbly original and innovative note.

Salvioni Design Solutions has already welcomed this new line by adding to its exhibition selection some representative pieces that will be possible to see and touch, thus understanding in detail the value and great genius of La DoubleJ.