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Catellani&Smith – the new inspirations of September 2018

Catellani&Smith is a company that makes innovation and research its strong points. Rich of ideas, novelties and a great desire to experiment, continues today to make people talk about themselves thanks to the new proposals for September 2018, ready to enter the homes of the whole world captivating with passion and light effects the look of fans (and not ) of the sector.

Cicloitalia and Lola lamps come in both the floor and table versions, inspired by the raw and subtly minimal use of brass and copper. The design recalls objects of common use – like the light of a bicycle – cleverly reinvented to give originality and pleasantness to the entire structure.

The Gold Moon Chandelier born from a very different inspiration, a superb suspension structure created by the combination of single sheets in gold foil culminating in copper curls with a led light. The deliberately asymmetrical and random combination of the individual components is divided into cascade volumes, perfect for dominating any environment with incredible elegance.

Lastly  we have the Lederam F0 and Wa Wa F floor lamps, two original inspirations designed as an authentic tribute to light. Both express a concept of stratified and complex lighting, where the glow is not meant as an end in itself, but designed specifically to blend in and melt into the surrounding environment with unexpected and sometimes astonishing results.

For the most attached fans of Catellani & Smith, the company has finally thought of a new version of the famous PostKrisi wall lamp, whose characteristic aura makes it perfect for enriching the walls of the house.

These new inspirations are already available in the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom where the brand is the exclusive lighting partner for the six exhibition floors. The interior designers Salvioni are also available to illustrate in detail the peculiarities of the Catellani & Smith catalog, always full of innovations designed to satisfy any fantasy.