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Jean Marie Massaud designs two new sofas for Poliform

The Poliform upholstery catalog enriches itself with two prestigious innovations. The Bellport and the Mondrian sofas. Both born from the skillful hand of Jean-Marie Massaud, these pieces of furniture express a fresh and great inspired desire to create, devoid of useless embellishments in order to favor a genuine and minimal design.

Bellport is inspired by the lively and sparkling atmosphere typical of the area from which it draws inspiration, giving rise to a collection composed of different elements such as sofas, day beds, poufs and armchairs that can perfectly integrate with the rest of the Poliform day collection. Ideal and suitable for every living environment.

Mondrian, on the other hand, is Poliform’s new proposal for the comfort of the contemporary living area, a sofa system with a light and sophisticated image that invites a free stylistic interpretation through the combination of the coverings and finishes foreseen by the collection.

In addition to these two new pieces of furniture, the Poliform collection consists of a well-assorted range of sofas always known for quality and versatility: Bristol, Tribeca, Paris-Seoul, Dune, Shangai, Park, Metropolitan e Airport. A complete assortment at the service of any taste and need.

The close collaboration with Salvioni allows Poliform to share a wide pieces selection, available in the Inverigo, Milano Durini and Lugano showrooms. The proximity with the headquarters of the company also allows the interior designers of Salvioni to organize guided tours in the company.