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The elegance of Visionnaire meets Salvioni

Salvioni celebrates the arrival of the Visionnaire brand from Bologna, an exceptional company in the production of home furnishings dominated by the taste for luxury and refinement of details.

Uniqueness, contemporary style and vocation Made in Italy are the strong points of the brand that over the years has been able to conquer a rapid leadership in the international luxury design scene, no longer understood as a mere furnishing project, but as a proposal for a “total look” , precious and customized in detail. The careful observation of the tastes and the contemporary realities of the company are the focal points of the brand’s creativity. Thanks to this cosmopolitan approach, Visionnaire company has been able to expand all over the world in the name of a different way of conceiving the furniture.

Today, Visionnaire counts over 2000 items: thanks to the collaboration of a team of experienced, eclectic and visionary designers, Italian and foreign, it proposes itself as a total look proposal for important housing projects: from private residences to public spaces with hotels, restaurants, clubs and everything that includes the furnishings of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor. A strong aptitude for tailor-made also makes this company able to offer unique solutions and great personality, perfect for those looking for a distinctly Luxury slant and high quality.

The collaboration with Salvioni will soon enrich the Inverigo and Milan showrooms with new and precious pieces of furniture. Proposals and innovations in the Visionnaire catalog will be added to corners and exhibitions, thus giving a further touch of class to the wide range of furnishings available to the customer.