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Minotti sofas represent the excellence of high-end design, a real milestone in upholstery intended for both domestic use and more formal or public environments. The Minotti upholstered items are distinguished by the quality of the materials used both in the structure and in the fabric, leather, hide and more. Precious is also the variety of choice that includes linear sofas, corner sofas, with chaise longue and modular sofas to better satisfy the needs of the individual. The accessories include an assortment of ottomans and coffee tables, shelves, inserts and numerous variants that are well suited to the needs of the individual. The Minotti compositions differ in the height of the backrests, the presence or absence of headrests, armrests and inserts, as well as in the depth of the seats aimed at favoring more or less relaxed positions. There is an interesting range of structures available which include more modern and retro choices, vintage, classic and much more.