Salvioni and LEMA, a partnership for home, office and wardrobes
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Novelties 2018 – Starts the collaboration with LEMA

Salvioni celebrates 2018 with the start of a new successful partnership with Lema, a Brianza company specialized in the production of wardrobes, drawers and storage units. Founded in 1970 by the Meroni family, which still manages it while maintaining the style and tradition inherited from the 1930s, Lema characterizes itself for the personalization of the product and the attention to details.

In the following years, a solid craft base combined with the collaboration of highly prestigious architects and designers such as Angelo Mangiarotti and Piero Lissoni, earned to the company prestige and large portions of the furnishings sector. The Home and Contract Departments and the Office division with International Office Concept have been recently founded in order to extend Lema production to new areas of indoor furniture.

With the Home Division, Lema is the first in Italy to offer modular systems tailored to the living and sleeping areas, building a complete range of solutions for the home, adaptable to personal tastes and needs that, in addition to the tv systems, include sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, night tables, sideboards, beds and accessories.

For the Contract Division, the company follows the international tastes and trends. With an infinite palette of custom-made solutions, Lema takes full advantage of the synergy with Lema Home and its extensive catalog, thus ensuring the advantages of mass production, always with the possibility of modifying the individual products in all their aesthetic, dimensional and material components, in order to meet every specific requirement of the client.

International Office Concept is the last founded division entirely dedicated to the world of office furniture. IOC is an independent structure of the Lema Group, built in order to cooperate with the company in an integrated manner, ensuring the high quality standards that have always distinguished the Group’s production.

The triple identity of Lema combined with its strong tradition of craftsmanship make this company perfect for combining and marrying the Salvioni style and the increasingly diversified needs of its customers.