Milano Design Week 2018 - The new Cirql collection of Dedon
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MDW 2018 – the new Cirql collection by Dedon

During the Milan Design Week 2018, Dedon has presented exclusively at the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom, the new Cirql collection for the outdoor, designed by the furniture designer Werner Aisslinger . The new line has been designed to reflect the traditional peculiarity of the company to use the weave and the fibers, combined with the refined research of an enveloping seat, completely structured to accommodate the person and surround him in a loose wrapping of overlapping meshes and textiles.

The Cirql name recalls the circular motifs of the seat and the oval of the backrest, but not only: the processing of the finishes literally wraps the structure in concentric coils; the wrapping of the links takes up circular geometric patterns and so on.

With this work, Werner Aisslinger marries an idea of comfort and refinement, not only tactile but also visual, whose perfection is represented by nothing but the circle, the most sublime among the geometric forms.