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The new Flou window of the Salvioni Lugano via Pelli showroom

Dynamic and innovative, the Lugano showroom of via Pelli changes its look again, setting up its own windows with the elegance of the Flou brand. Number one in the production of beds and accessories for the sleeping area, the company has long collaborated with the Salvioni network, enriching the showrooms of Milan, Inverigo and Lugano with catalog innovations and design icons.

The last furniture novelties has represented an important turning point for Flou design and colors, bringing a wind of novelty also in the use of materials able to renew the characteristic taste of the brand. This is precisely the new air that inspired the Flou showcase, delicate in its pale white robes, sometimes dotted with darker, vibrant tones, enhanced by the use of raw and textured surfaces.

The delicate preparation of Flou foresees the presence of Koi double beds in Land Milk fabric and the iconic Nathalie in Cuba fabric, enriched by a living space complete with the Myplace modular sofa, Iko armchair and Terrae coffee table used in the particular matt green Bamboo marble finish. The important Carpet Edition carpet in ash, pearl and smoke colors combines the two spaces illuminated by the pleasant glow of the Ashaa and Softwing lamps.

The Moon pouf and the Olivier bench complete the exhibition, used to give even more vitality and naturalness to the entire composition, as well as the evocative CC Light bookcases, a luminous furnishing that lends itself to give a further touch of light.

The coordinator of this showcase was Emanuela Garbin, source of inspiration and creator of some of the exhibits. The new showcase will remain set up for the entire month of December until the first half of January, giving visitors the chance to admire it and appreciate the Flou brand offer as much as possible.