For reading enthusiasts: Skira, Assouline and Taschen books
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For reading enthusiasts: the Salvioni network books for a truly special gift

In the now imminent Christmas holidays and the need to find the right gift and present for the most dear ones, Salvioni certainly cannot refrain from presenting its assorted range of gift ideas for every age, taste and person. In addition to offering the best of Made in Italy design brands, it presents in its showrooms a large assortment of books signed by large publishers that can be freely browsed and purchased, dedicated to the great themes of art, architecture and design.

Salvioni Milano Durini proposes Taschen and Electa, famous publishing houses that since the 1950s have marked history with memorable publications of great qualitative refinement. The editions of Taschen and Electa are not only an excellent addition to bookcases in any home, but a note of style for those who choose them from many other literary proposals. The vast assortment of genres, from architecture to photography and more, offer a more than complete panorama of choice, able to satisfy the most diverse types of taste.

The Salvioni Milan Gallotti&Radice showroom presents an equally valid option; home to a historic Milanese bookstore, this store has deliberately chosen to preserve the “literary” atmosphere and the strong bond with the books of the space in which it is located. In the soaring wall-mounted bookcases included in the set-up, Gallotti&Radice wanted to host the Skira brand, a publishing house that since 1928 has created unique collections for both techniques used and farsightedness of the topics covered.

Last but not least, BaxterCinema has offered since its foundation a small bookstore entirely dedicated to Assouline’s books. Born in the first half of the 1950s, this publishing house marks a milestone in the creation of works of incredible qualitative and cultural value, ranging in the most diverse literary genres of design, art, history, commerce and much more. Assouline’s legacy is linked to the ability to understand the needs of one’s own time, formulating works capable of preserving and, indeed, buying, value over time.

Anyone interested in purchasing this particular item will be able to easily browse the editions on display in the various Milanese showrooms, evaluating and touching the extreme quality of these extremely elegant, large and richly illustrated volumes, able to best integrate with home furnishings and contribute with their presence to the interior design of the rooms.