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Novelties 2024 | The new Roda terraces in via Durini

Salvioni Milano Durini celebrates the arrival of summer with a new installation by Roda.
The contemporary outdoor brand of excellence returns to enrich the terraces of the Milanese concept store with a selection of excellent furniture, aimed as always at expressing the love for outdoor furniture as well as the passion for details.
Three different colors, three completely different concepts; Durini’s terraces express the different possibilities of experiencing the outdoor space, enhancing the multiple configurations of the Roda catalog in a variety of excellent scenarios, beautiful to look at, to experience and above all to wear just like a dress, the most beautiful and comfortable of the ‘wardrobe, made especially for you.

Come and visit us and discover the outfit that best suits you!

For this new setup, Roda has chosen three particular nuances: red, green and grey. Three nuances meticulously studied for the three environments which in turn express three different possibilities for interpreting the external space.

The first terrace, large and rich in vegetation, where the imposing tree walls frame the scene giving it an almost rainwater touch, focuses on creating two different spaces; the first dominated by the Eolie Gazebo and the second by the large Eden sofa whose size encloses the gaze offering a suggestion of relaxation. In the centre, the Tint carpet stands out with the Double poufs and the Button coffee table. More from the side you can see the Astra armchairs in the low and high back variants.

On the sidelines, a small breakfast area has been created with Orson chairs and Button table and a solarium space with the Levante sun lounger. The color chosen for this terrace is red in its more or less bright variations, ideal for highlighting the green of the plants and the warm tones of the wood.

The second terrace, more exposed to the sun, lends itself to a more summery interpretation of the outdoor space. It is no coincidence that the undisputed protagonist is a large umbrella that overlooks the Teka table surrounded by Harp chairs and the Basket sofa. Plen Air poufs, tables and chairs enrich the space where three large vases by Atelier Vierkant dominate, an example of monumental art and structure.

The softer colors chosen for this terrace are ideal for counteracting the aggressive action of the sun, mitigating its glare and impact on the surfaces.

The last terrace has been set up as an outdoor lounge so as to create an intimate and private area where you can converse or just relax. Evidence of this intent is the Laze lounge chair in the rocking version. The green shades used here are visibly refreshing and mitigated by a play of shades tending towards aqua green, as in the case of the Dandy sofa. A note of value is represented by the Eolie coffee table and the practical Pillow lamps placed to illuminate the room at night.