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Paola Lenti presents the new Metamorfosi collection

During this Milan Design Week 2022 Paola Lenti presented Metamorfosi, a special edition of unique pieces whose inspiration seems to come from the natural world and above all from the microscopic one, where each piece challenges the eye to guess the original intuition of the Brazilians designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. The overall effect is amazing and unusual, an authentic play of shapes and suggestions further enhanced by the intelligent and creative use of recycled materials and fabrics. The seats and decorative details are strictly handmade, one by one.

Among the numerous proposals we mention Alicia, a seat with central backrest composed of movable cylindrical elements whose padding is made of recyclable polyethylene foam mixed with Aerelle blue polyester fiber.

Bruco is a seat with symmetrical armrests, designed and furnished to resemble a small hedge with gentle lines.

Centopeia is undoubtedly one of the most curious and suggestive pieces. The reference to an earthworm immortalized in its slow advance is immediate and truly fascinating, also heightened by the use of coatings that seem to recall the animal’s rings.

Chromodoro and Zoide want to recall something much smaller and more surreal, a microscope vision that accentuates the compositional frenzy and which in turn gives a glance full of ideas. The result is as thrilling as it is counterintuitive.

The fervent imaginative capacity of Fernando and Humberto Campana found in Paola Lenti the ideal partner also thanks to the exquisite use that the brand has always been able to make with finishes and colors, famous all over the world for their exquisite variety. Bright colors and daring combinations create in the Metamorfosi collection a unique combination of its kind, dazzling and absolutely indispensable.