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Simone Pedretti and Salvioni | A new prestigious collaboration

Salvioni has started a new collaboration with the Simone Pedretti brand. Born in Trentino, the company was created to carry out a cultural project that enhances and protects the heritage of these places and the immense artisan patrimony kept in them.

The starting point lies in the processing of stone in northern Italy of which the Pedretti family is the guardian and from which Simone, founder of the company, started to launch his new brand. The rarest and most exclusive stones in the world find worthy attention here, transforming themselves into unique objects between high-end furniture and authentic works of art.

The debut collection LAPIS talks about the Trentino area and was born from the encounter between craftsmanship and design that the designer Luca Sartori of the Superluna studio was able to impress in every element. Petrified wood becomes a unique, exclusive collection, aimed at enhancing the peculiar veins and secular aspects that have marked its slow transformation.

Simone Pedretti is the first company to use petrified wood to create high-level furnishings that combine history, craftsmanship and design in a single, highly suggestive solution.

The brand’s production is divided into three main flagship products: Ciocat, Triga and Sfoiat, respectively a set of tables for the living area, an indoor bench for large spaces and a free standing bookcase, ideal for dividing rooms.

Each of these elements captures for the refinement of the shapes as well as the careful choice made on each component in order to best enhance the intrinsic peculiarities of the materials that compose it.

With this new collaboration, Salvioni Design Solutions hopes to be able to further increase its unique furniture proposals, impossible to replicate, capable of satisfying the most demanding tastes with their singularity and offering an inspiration of authentic value to the international design scene. In fact, Simone Pedretti’s pieces are not just furniture, but a choice of style, a response to those who want an authentic spearhead in their own home or in environments with a strong personality.