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W.54,6 x D.32 x H.70,5 cm - Low Version
W.54,6 x D.32 x H.140,7 cm - Medium Version
W.54,6 x D.32 x H.173,5 cm - High Version



Giulio Cappellini, from the beginning the heart and mind of the namesake company, has gained over the years the well-deserved reputation of being one of the greatest talent scouts in the history of Italian design. His flair has brought to Italy a large number of young designers from all over the world, who have found in Cappellini the ideal environment to create bold and avant-garde projects, thus often starting careers from real design-star. The Cappellini philosophy of supporting the creativity of their designers, has given life to a rich and heterogeneous catalog, in which a multi-faceted “author” styls coexists. Over the years, this peculiarity has given Cappellini top marks and places in the most important museums of the world such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Center Pompidou in Paris.Read more

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Nendo is the name of the architecture and design studio founded and led by the Japanese Oki Sato (1977-), which has gained great fame over the years as a real “cult designer”. Emblem of contemporary Japanese design, of which it represents the most prominent name, Nendo is guided by a rigorous and poetic minimalism, but at the same time unexpectedly elegant. The Japanese term "Nendo" indicates clay, and the choice of this name reveals the design flexibility of the studio, which is active in many different sectors such as graphics, product design, interior design and the creation of conceptual installations. The studio has two offices: one in Tokyo and the other in Milan, the world capital of the design sector. He has collaborated with several major international design companies, always in the sign of his peculiar rarefied and stylistically flawless poetics: Cappellini, Minotti, De Padova, Glas Italia, Alias, Flos, Desalto, Moroso, Driade and many others.Read more