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The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Avorio GoffratoAvorio Goffrato
Fango GoffratoFango Goffrato


The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Cat. E – Egadi
13E460 Bianco13E460 Bianco
13E461 Perla13E461 Perla
13E462 Avorio13E462 Avorio
13E463 Corda13E463 Corda
13E464 Argento13E464 Argento
13E465 Titanio13E465 Titanio
13E466 Lampone13E466 Lampone
13E467 Ciliegia13E467 Ciliegia
13E468 Fucsia13E468 Fucsia
13E469 Verde Acido13E469 Verde Acido
13E470 Verde Oliva13E470 Verde Oliva
13E471 Verde Bosco13E471 Verde Bosco
13E473 Blu Navy13E473 Blu Navy
13E474 Blu Oceano13E474 Blu Oceano
13E475 Caffè13E475 Caffè

Cat. F – Fiji
13F063 Perla13F063 Perla

Cat. F – Filicudi
13F032 Bianco13F032 Bianco
13F033 Silicio13F033 Silicio
13F034 Sabbia13F034 Sabbia
13F035 Titanio13F035 Titanio
13F036 Bosco13F036 Bosco
13F037 Muschio13F037 Muschio
13F038 Coriandolo13F038 Coriandolo
13F039 Mosto13F039 Mosto
13F040 Vinaccia13F040 Vinaccia
13F041 Corallo13F041 Corallo
13F043 Corda13F043 Corda
13F044 Laguna13F044 Laguna
13F045 Panna13F045 Panna
13F046 Levanto13F046 Levanto
13F048 Caraibi13F048 Caraibi
13F049 Oceano13F049 Oceano

Cat. L – Kemi
13L360 Bianco13L360 Bianco
13L361 Tabacco13L361 Tabacco
13L362 Tortora13L362 Tortora
13L363 Grigio13L363 Grigio
13L364 Talpa13L364 Talpa
13L365 Caffè13L365 Caffè
13L366 Smeraldo13L366 Smeraldo
13L367 Muschio13L367 Muschio
13L368 Antracite13L368 Antracite
13L369 Fragola13L369 Fragola
13L370 Vinaccia13L370 Vinaccia
13L371 Blu Navy13L371 Blu Navy

Cat. F – Futura
13F150 Bianco13F150 Bianco
13F151 Bianco Lino13F151 Bianco Lino
13F153 Bordeaux13F153 Bordeaux
13F154 Bianco Bruciato13F154 Bianco Bruciato
13F155 Bruciato13F155 Bruciato
13F156 Bianco Giallo13F156 Bianco Giallo
13F157 Giallo13F157 Giallo
13F158 Bianco Muschio13F158 Bianco Muschio
13F159 Muschio13F159 Muschio
13F166 Bianco Ottanio13F166 Bianco Ottanio
13F167 Ottanio13F167 Ottanio
13F168 Bianco Acqua13F168 Bianco Acqua
13F169 Acqua13F169 Acqua
13F170 Bianco Classic Blue13F170 Bianco Classic Blue
13F171 Classic Blue13F171 Classic Blue


Founded in 1927 by the brothers Cesare and Umberto in the heart of Brianza furniture, Cassina is one of the long-lived Made in Italy industrial design companies. From the early ‘30s, Cassina brothers identified the strong demand for home furnishings and interpreted in a far-sighted way the renewed taste of the new emerging classes. From this intuition, Cassina started a real revolution in the indoor furnishings design. Since then, the company has been pursuing a path of research and innovation, involving prestigious designers and architects in the study of new furnishings models. In the last few years the collaboration with Gio Ponti has begun. Thanks to this partnership were born the 646 chair, known as Leggera, and the subsequent model 699 or Superleggera.Read more

Designed by

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola
Patricia Urquiola (1961-), Spanish by birth but now Milanese by adoption, is one of the most important names in the panorama of contemporary design. She was able to count on an impressive parterre of great masters: graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with Achille Castiglioni as a teacher, she then collaborated for a few years with Vico Magistretti on the set-up of the De Padova showroom, before becoming Head of Design for the studio in 1996. Piero Lissoni. Since the early 2000s she begins to make herself known for her colorful and exuberant style, which will find maximum expression in the collaboration with the Moroso company. Other brands that have strongly focused on her have been B&B Italia, with which she will also shape the aesthetics of her new outdoor collection, B&B Italia Outdoor, and Cassina, for which she is artistic director. Very appreciated and author of highly successful products, she has collaborations with other big brands such as Kettal, Flos, Molteni & C., Kartell, Foscarini, cc-tapis, Paola Lenti, Mutina, Glas Italia and many others.Read more