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W.220 x D.55 x H.88 cm with n.04 Doors
W.280 x D.55 x H.88 cm with n.04 Doors and Open Unit



Undisputed masters of woodworking, Emmemobili's artisans are able to express at best the infinite creative possibilities made available by this material. Their strength comes from knowing how to combine complex artisan techniques handed down from generation to generation with the creativity of many famous designers. Skilled artisans using only the highest quality woods, with a special experience in curvature, make the entire production of Emmemobili. This is combined with a modern environmental awareness, which has led the company to adopt eco-sustainable procedures in every phase of the work.Read more

Designed by

Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro
Elena Salmistraro (1983-), one of the most interesting designers of her generation, has succeeded in what is the primary objective of every artist and designer: to give life to a very personal and unmistakable aesthetic, becoming the mother of a totally new aesthetic compared to the contemporary experiences and immediately recognizable as one's own stylistic code. Elena Salmistraro's world is populated by evocative and vaguely disturbing creatures, by baroque shapes and very colorful figures, with a palette in which pink, blue and orange tones prevail. An always coherent stylistic code that found its initial application in the world of ceramics, above all with the Bosa brand and its series of Primates vases that made it known internationally, and then consistently reported also in the world of furniture, with collaborations with brands such as Cappellini, Scapin Collezioni, Emmemobili, Natuzzi Italia, Driade, Moooi Carpets, De Castelli, cc-Tapis, Il Fanale and many others. Other relevant declinations of her art are in the field of illustration, which lends itself to the expression of her kaleidoscopic and decorative aesthetic universe, and in the scenographic installations curated in collaboration with her husband, the architect Angelo Stoli. Read more