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Salvioni is Emmemobili official dealer

Undisputed masters of woodworking, Emmemobili’s artisans are able to express at best the infinite creative possibilities made available by this material. Their strength comes from knowing how to combine complex artisan techniques handed down from generation to generation with the creativity of many famous designers. Skilled artisans using only the highest quality woods, with a special experience in curvature, make the entire production of Emmemobili. This is combined with a modern environmental awareness, which has led the company to adopt eco-sustainable procedures in every phase of the work.

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Versions Emmemobili Assolo Table

Emmemobili Assolo Table Emmemobili Assolo Table Elena Pancaldi 

Versions Emmemobili Cage Sideboard

Emmemobili Cage Sideboard Emmemobili Cage Sideboard Ferruccio Laviani 

Versions Emmemobili Evolution Sideboard

Emmemobili Evolution Sideboard Emmemobili Evolution Sideboard Ferruccio Laviani 

Versions Emmemobili Mirar Sideboard

Emmemobili Mirar Sideboard Emmemobili Mirar Sideboard Elena Salmistraro 

Versions Emmemobili Nastro Chair

Emmemobili Nastro Chair Emmemobili Nastro Chair Geoffrey Harcourt 

Versions Emmemobili Timea Chair

Emmemobili Timea Chair Emmemobili Timea Chair Elena Salmistraro 

Versions Emmemobili Tudor Sideboard

Emmemobili Tudor Sideboard Emmemobili Tudor Sideboard Ferruccio Laviani 

Versions Emmemobili Ufo Table

Emmemobili Ufo Table Emmemobili Ufo Table Ferruccio Laviani 

Emmemobili furniture

The Emmemobili brand was launched in the ’80s by the Tagliabue family, a historic dynasty of cabinetmakers of Cantù whose business dates back to the nineteenth century. Over time, the compant received several awards, including a Gold Medal at the V Triennale in 1933. The Emmemobili catalog ranges in all the different categories of furniture: from beds to sofas, from chairs to containers. Particularly rich is the offer of sideboards, often surprising, as in the Tudor series by Ferruccio Laviani.

Even the Emmemobili tables have a varied and never banal look, with products such as the eclectic Evo table and the solid Ufo table, both designed by Ferruccio Laviani. The selection of bookcases proposed by the brand is also very interesting, such as the Rosa model by Evgenij Poliantsev. The great experience in wood processing is also put to use in the construction of numerous lines of boiserie with always different effects.

Emmemobili design

Emmemobili can boast a special relationship with a great master of international design such as Ferruccio Laviani, who has signed numerous lines for the brand giving free rein to his creativity. There are important names such as those of Matteo Thun, author of the Yas armchair, Carlo Colombo, with his series of bookcases Sipario, Rodolfo Dordoni, Giuseppe Viganò, Carlo Ballabio and Uto Balmoral.

Emmemobili official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Emmemobili dealer. The Salvioni group has several showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and is proposed as an aggregator of all the best Italian design for an international clientele looking for the best of Made in Italy. The interior designers Salvioni take care of complete domestic projects with attention to every detail in every part of the world.