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Born in 1959 in the heart of Brianza district of furnishings, Flexform is a company that exported the style and the Italian taste of comfort all over the world. Originally founded by the Galimberti brothers as a small artisan workshop for the production of beds, sofas and armchairs, since the beginning the company has expressed the purpose to achieve timeless elegance, averse to the passing fad and inspired by a concept of absolute comfort. Evolving over time in a true industry, Flexform has initiated many important collaborations with renowned designers and architects such as Joe Colombo, Asnago and Vender and Cini Boeri.Read more

Mario Asnago e Claudio Vender
Mario Asnago (1896-1981) and Claudio Vender (1904-1986) were a duo of architects who worked together for over forty years, from the late 1920s to the early 1970s, carving out a place in the history of architecture Italian. Their style fits into the current of Rationalism, interpreted by them in the direction of radical simplicity, with the constant search for pure geometries without frills. Alien to any monumental rhetoric, their projects are mainly aimed at private clients and the domestic sphere: Asnago and Vender are the architects par excellence of single-family villas in Brianza and of Milanese palaces. For the latter they concentrated most of their attention on the development of the facades, interpreted almost as rigorous paintings, also partly influenced by Asnago's great experience in the field of painting. They also often designed the furnishings of their bourgeois projects, often marked with a characteristic X motif. These creations, originally made by the carpentry workshop of the Asnago family, are now proposed by Flexform.Read more