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N.14 ChairPlywood Seat N.14 Chair

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€ 508,00

N.14 ChairSeat in Woven Cane N.14 Chair

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€ 531,00

N.14 ChairPerforated Plywood Seat N.14 Chair

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€ 564,00

N.14 ChairAnniversary Edition N.14 Chair

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€ 625,00

N.14 ChairUpholstered Seat N.14 Chair

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€ 632,00

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Gebruder Thonet Vienna
All design history books begin with the same name: Thonet. In fact, thanks to the research made by the German cabinet maker Michael Thonet on the bending of wood, the industrial production of furniture began. In 1842, Thonet was invited by Chancellor Metternich himself to continue his activity in Vienna, and it was precisely in the capital of the Hapsburg Empire that he founded the Gebrüder Thonet Vienna (GTV) involving his five sons. The company left an indelible mark and the Gebrüder Thonet Vienna chairs went to connote the style of an era, selling millions of pieces all over the world thanks to a cutting-edge distribution network.Read more