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NT Version with integrated transformer in the disc – without any cable or switch
Wall Version with cable and plug



Ingo Maurer
Unbridled fantasy, taste for witty provocation and a pinch of healthy madness: these are the ingredients of the genius of Ingo Maurer and its inimitable lamps. Ingo Maurer's research is all in the name of eclecticism, far from fashions and trends, expression of a very personal vision of design, always coherent yet surprising. Ingo Maurer lamps are unique objects, bordering on the world of art and ready-made, impregnated with underground culture and made entirely in a craft workshop of Munich.Read more

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Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer
Ingo Maurer (1932-2019), with his highly personal aesthetic research between art and design applied to the world of lighting, was one of the most loved and appreciated figures of German design of the late twentieth century. His lamps are surprising and ingenious, capable of reworking economic materials in an unexpected way, crossed by a poetic vein that is not without irony. After studying graphic design and a few years of experience in the United States, in 1966 he founded his Design M in Munich, which later became Ingo Maurer GmbH, a creative laboratory through which he will give life to all his projects. His surprising research that reinterprets iconic and reassuring forms in a creative and decontextualized way is manifested since his first lamp, the Bulb model, in which the entire luminaire takes the shape of a large oversized light bulb. Over the years, personal exhibitions have been dedicated to him all over the world, from Paris to Amsterdam, from New York to Frankfurt, and he has obtained important awards such as that of Royal Designer for Industry (conferred in London by the Royal Society of Arts in 2005) or the Compasso d'Oro International (2011). He has rarely tried his hand at furniture design, for example in a special collaboration with De Padova. Read more