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Salvioni is Ingo Maurer official dealer

Unbridled fantasy, taste for witty provocation and a pinch of healthy madness: these are the ingredients of the genius of Ingo Maurer and its inimitable lamps. Ingo Maurer’s research is all in the name of eclecticism, far from fashions and trends, expression of a very personal vision of design, always coherent yet surprising. Ingo Maurer lamps are unique objects, bordering on the world of art and ready-made, impregnated with underground culture and made entirely in a craft workshop of Munich.

Ingo Maurer lamps

Experimental design is a formula often abused, but true for Ingo Maurer. A poet of estrangement, its lamps are never what they seem at first glance: they know how to reinvent with creativity seemingly poor materials, like paper or metal, in projects of extraordinary expressive density. At the center of every Ingo Maurer creation there is always the light, even more than the lighting fixture.

Like any artist, Ingo Maurer has developed a universe of recurrent and intimately personal symbols. A frequently recurring theme is the light bulb, often isolated and emphasized, as in the Bulb table lamp, the famous debut creation of 1966 exhibited in many museums all over the world. This style is reworked in a thousand ways as the pendant lamps Wo bist du and Edison. In many creations is the absence of light bulb to stand out, replaced by a hologram of the same projected on the speaker.

In contrast to the rigorous perfection of modernist design, Ingo Maurer lamps present themselves with a “dirty” look, bordering on the ready made. Works like the Porca Miseria! suspension lamp was made from these premises: a real explosion of earthenware produced in a limited edition and always different in each of its copies, or the Canned Light lamp, a singular homage to Andy Warhol’s Pop Art consisting of a simple Campbell’s soup tin.

Lighting systems such as the YaYaHo model come to establish a creative dialogue directly with the user, allowing a modularity to his liking. In the extreme eclecticism of the Ingo Maurer catalog is possible to find products of unsettling simplicity such as the Zettel’z chandelier in Japanese paper or the famous Lucellino lamp, flanked by works of majestic elegance such as the splendid Lacrime del Pescatore chandelier.

Ingo Maurer design

Ingo Maurer GmbH serves as a collector of creative energies gathered around its founder. From that came to life the talented design works of young designers such as Raffele Celentano, author of the appreciated Campari Light, Dagmar Mombach, with its almost organic-looking paper lamps, like the Gaku floor lamp, Lutz Pankow and Bernhard Dessecker. Also the design-star Ron Arad, a great friend of Ingo Maurer, has taken part in some of the brand’s creations.

Ingo Maurer official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Ingo Maurer dealer. With many showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group proposes itself as a collector of the best international design brands, including great classics and latest trends. The interior designers Salvioni have great experience in the implementation of residential projects around the world.