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You and Me BedIsland You and Me Bed

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€ 3.759,00

You and Me BedCorner You and Me Bed

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€ 5.019,00

You and Me BedWith Canopy You and Me Bed

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€ 7.487,00

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Ivano Redaelli
Luxury and high class beds, with matching linen of fine quality: this is Ivano Redaelli’s proposal for the sleeping area, unique in its genre. The bedroom by Ivano Redaelli not only becomes a resting area, but also a setting to live fully, in contact with esteemed fabrics such as cachemire, leathers, furs and chamois. The coordinated textiles of the brand are particularly valued, from the bed sheets to the plaids, from the blankets to the douvet covers, which, just like all the beds, sofas and furnishing by Ivano Redaelli make up proper exaples of design haute couture in the branch of Made in Italy’s excellence.Read more